Homage to Galicia

This month, Porta Operations Manager Vicki highlights Spain’s northwestern seafood mecca.

Galicia is a unique region on north west Spain’s Atlantic coast, tucked just above Portugal. Known to many for its distinctive language and culture, Galicia’s luscious green coastal landscape – covered with oak, pine and eucalyptus trees – makes it the perfect climate for producing the exceptional food and drink which we love; Padron peppers, cheese, seafood and wine to name a few.

Buffeted by the bracing Atlantic, it boasts the freshest of seafood served ‘a la Gallega’ – literally Galician style. Perhaps most famous – and no stranger to the Porta specials board – is ‘Pulpo a la Gallega’; boiled octopus, sliced and garnished with lashings of extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pimentón (smoked paprika) and served with boiled potatoes. Perfectly simple; just how we like things!

Crab-a -la-Gallega

Inspired by Galician cuisine, our Head Chef Joaquim made another brilliantly simple crab dish last week. The crab meat was dressed with punchy garlic, chilli and brandy and placed back inside of the shell and served alongside lemon wedges and garlic toast.

Matching wine to the food of a region is always a good rule of thumb, and Galicia’s zippy, dry whites are a brilliant case in point. Terra de Asorei, Albariño, is a brand new addition to the Porta wine list. This crisp and zesty wine from the Rias Baixas area screams preserved lemons and grapefruit with a rich silky finish. Pair with our Galician seafood specials and you’ll see just why this region is so celebrated.


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