Porta’s gin cured salmon special

Xoriguer Gin bottle

If you’ve travelled the Balearic Islands then you’ll almost definitely have sampled Xoriguer Gin (pronounced cho-rig-air). Well recognised in its distinctive green bottle, this Menorcan gin from the port of Mahón delivers a refreshing quench with strong notes of juniper and citrus.

It’s one of two gins that we at Porta have specifically chosen to celebrate Spain’s gin culture. Whether you’re keeping it simple with tonic or tasting one of our signature elderflower & pink grapefruit G&T’s, this gin never fails.

Gin and tonic

Not only is it popular in the bar, but the Chefs have also become fond of using it to home-cure salmon. Prior to curing, the salmon is first rubbed with Xoriguer gin. The salmon is then marinated in salt, sugar, dill & black pepper. This technique uses a dry cure and draws liquid from the fish as well as adding flavour. Once these ingredients have been gradually rubbed and packed onto the salmon, there is a final stage of yet another drizzle of Xoriguer gin. The salmon is then tightly wrapped and left to cure for 3 days.

As one of our regular specials, it’s simply thinly sliced and paired with avocado mojo and crisp breads.

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